ROOF, Judith (mars 2016)

  • Grade: Professeur d’Anglais et Chair William Shakespeare
  • Établissement: Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Email :
  • Téléphone: 01 517 214 3357:

Judith Roof  a occupé la Chaire des Amériques au sein du laboratoire ACE (Anglophonie : Communautés, Ecritures)du 8 au 24 février et du 1er au 31 mars 2016.

Responsable du séjour: Sylvie Bauer 

Professeur d’Anglais, Judith Roof occupe la Chair William Shakespeare à l’Université de Rice à Houston, Texas. Ses domaines de recherche sont les Etudes Comparatives, Britanniques et Américaines (du XXème siècle) et elle s’intéresse particulièrement au théâtre, à la théorie du cinéma et à la fiction narrative.



ROOF, Judith, Gender: What It Is, What It Does, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. Forthcoming.

ROOF, Judith, The Poetics of DNA, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2007.

ROOF, JudithAll About Thelma and Eve: Side-Kicks and Third Wheels, Champaign, University of Illinois Press, 2002.

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ROOF, JudithReproductions of Reproduction: Imaging Symbolic Change, New York, Routledge, 1996.

ROOF, JudithCome As You Are: Narrative and Sexuality, New York, Columbia University Press, 1996 (Winner of the 1997 Society for the Study of Narrative Literature’s Perkins Award for the “book that best contributes to the study of narrative”).

ROOF, JudithA Lure of Knowledge: Lesbian Sexuality and Theory, New York, Columbia University Press, 1991.

Articles [derniers 4 ans]

ROOF, Judith, “Out of the Bind: From Structure to System in Popular Narrative.” In Narrative Unbound: Queer and Feminist Approaches., Ed. Robyn Warhol and Susan Lanser. Columbus, The Ohio State University Press, 2015, p.43-58.

ROOF, Judith, “The Actor Who Wasn’t There: Economies of Absence in Virtual Ecologies”, The University of Toronto Quarterly, 83:3 (Summer, 2014), p.1-20. (refereed)

ROOF, Judith, “Sketchy Counterculture”, in Preserving the Sixties. Ed. Trevor Harris and Molly O’Brien Castro, London, Palgrave, 2014, p.144-159.

ROOF, Judith, “The Anaclitic Critic”, English Language Notes 51:2 (Fall/Winter 2013), p. 95-106. (refereed)

ROOF, Judith, “The Tao of Experience”, in L’Expérience II. Ed. Laure de Nervaux-Gavoty. Paris, Michel Houdiard, 2014, p.19-32.

ROOF, Judith, “Everett’s Hypernarrator.” Canadian Review of American Studies 43.2 (Summer, 2013), p.202-215. (refereed)

ROOF, Judith, “The Perfect Enigma”in Henry James, Alfred Hitchcock: The Men Who Knew Too Much. Ed. Susan Griffin and Alan Nadel, New York, Oxford University Press, 2012, p.112-123.


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